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    Information meeting breastfeeding

    Are you planning on breastfeeding your baby and do you want to prepare well? Join our online antenatal information session and learn how breastfeeding works!


    How can you tell when your baby needs to be fed and how do you know when your baby has had enough?

    In this two-hour session our lactation consultant will share a lot of practical information on breastfeeding and will tell you all you need to know about how it works and what you can do when it doesn’t seem to work. There will also be plenty opportunity to ask your questions.

    This information session is free and open for all expecting mothers and their partners and can even be useful for parents whose baby has already been born.


    You can already register as soon as you are pregnant, until after birth. With a click on the ‘Agenda’ or ‘Aanmelden’ button you will be on the website Samenopgroeien.nu. Here you can find the next meeting in your area or online. You can also register directly via this website.

    There is no charge for this information meeting.

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